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Something's going down at the dentist's office!
Something's going down at the dentist's office! Watch this short video - HIPAA compliance for dentists.
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Watch our brief intro video!
We are Cybersecurity and Compliance Specialists,  Let us be your first line of defense against a cyber attack.  
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SSAE18 SOC Compliance
24By7Security can help you with your SSAE18 SOC Compliance needs. Meet Sanjay Deo, our President, who explains briefly the importance of SSAE18 SOC compliance and how we can assist.  
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Take the Cyber Hygiene Pledge and stay Cyber Healthy!
Video modeled after the Center for Internet Security's Cyber Hygiene Pledge. The human being is still the weakest link for security, and therefore good Cyber Hygiene practices to stay Cyber healthy are important. Count, Control, Configure, Patch and Repeat!
Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
An interview with Cybersecurity Specialist Michael Brown, CISSP, HCISPP, CISA. Many organizations are using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for developing and maintaining their enterprise-wide security program. The National Institute of Standards and Technology created the Cybersecurity Framework to help organizations better manage and reduce Cybersecurity risk. It is a standard framework that can be used across many businesses – small, medium and large, and also across industries. Michael Brown of 24By7Security talking about how we use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for our clients.
Cyber Security overview presentation
An excerpt from Cyber Security overview presentation made by Sanjay Deo, Cybersecurity Evangelist, HIPAA Expert and President and CEO of 24By7Security, Inc. at a Cyber security event hosted by the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association (SFHHA) on September 22, 2016 at St. Thomas University, Miami. Every CIO and CISO has an important job in terms of securing his or her enterprise and protecting their data from getting compromised or breached. Sanjay Deo, President and Founder of 24By7Security, Inc. provides an overview of the state of cybersecurity today.
Are you secure?
Is your confidential data safe? Is your network secure? Don’t wait for a disaster to interrupt your business… be prepared now!
HIPAA Compliance
Five steps to HIPAA Compliance. This is a must for all physicians and their staff to view.
Setting strong passwords
Protect your personal electronic data better by setting strong passwords. Learn to set passwords that are easy for you to remember and hard for someone to guess.
Cyber Insurance discussions at Incident Response Workshop
Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc. and Michael Brown, Manager at 24By7Security, Inc. hosted an incident response workshop at the SF-ISSA conference on March 10, 2017. There were questions raised on cyber insurance. This video is a summary of those discussions.