Our Services

24By7Security, Inc. offers Cybersecurity-related services in the areas of strategy, assessments, remediation and training for all major industries including healthcare, education, hospitality, financial, insurance, government, law firms, retail, manufacturing and entertainment. The company may also operate under the name of HIPAA-HITECH-SOLUTIONS.

As Cybersecurity concerns continue to rise, businesses seek our professional services to enable better security and ensure their confidential data is properly protected. We help clients manage their data privacy while getting compliant with regulations that major industries like finance, healthcare and education are required to uphold.

Small businesses are also heavy targets for breaches, not just large companies. The first step in protecting your digital assets is to complete a Cyber Security Risk Assessment. 24By7Security uses its proprietary model SECURITY 2.0: REACTIVE . PROACTIVE . COUNTERACTIVE to ensure that your Cyber Security plan is fully managed on all sides.
Depending on your situation, we can work with you for an end-to-end defense of for the specific services you need.
With our recommended defense in depth approach, we work with you to secure your business with multiple layers of controls.

At the highest level of the Security 2.0 model, our services are listed below.