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April 11, 2018

YouTube should be fined billions for illegally collecting children's data, privacy groups claim

YouTube - Google's video platform, one of the world's most popular websites, has been accused of improperly collecting the personal data of young children including information such as phone numbers and location, tracking their activity across a number of websites and targeting ads without first gaining parental consent — a legal requirement according to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). A coalition of more than 20 advocacy, consumer and privacy groups claim that YouTube is violating U.S. child protection laws by collecting personal data on users aged less than 13 years old. READ MORE...


Facebook to contact 87 million users affected by data breach

London-based elections consultancy company-Cambridge Analytica, acquired millions of profiles of US citizens and used the data to build a software program to predict and influence voters. The information was collected through an app called thisisyourdigitallife, built by the Cambridge University academic Aleksandr Kogan in collaboration with Cambridge Analytica. The app prompted users to answer questions for a psychological profile. Almost 300,000 users were thought to have been paid to take the psychological test — with the app then harvesting their personal data. It also gathered data from their Facebook friends, which reportedly resulted in Kogan having access to the data of millions of Facebook profiles. Facebook discovered the information had been harvested in late 2015 but failed to alert users at the time. READ MORE...


200,000 Cisco Network Switches Reportedly Hacked

Over 200,000 Cisco networks switches worldwide were hacked Friday, apparently affecting large internet service providers and data centers across the world, especially in Iran, Russia, the United States, China, Europe and India, according to an Iranian government official. The impact of the attack, including data loss, is not yet clear. It's also not yet clear who carried out the attack. READ MORE...


CEO Disconnect On Cybersecurity Increases Risk Of Breaches

CEOs cite malware as the most important cybersecurity risk threatening their organizations' success, while technical officers on the front lines (CIOs, CTOs and CISOs) see identity breaches as the biggest threat to their organizations. This misalignment within the C-suite is creating undue risk exposure and leaving organizations ill-prepared to stop the majority of breaches because their security strategies and investments are not aligned to combat the primary threats they are facing. What do CEOs need to do to ensure their companies don't end up in the headlines for the wrong reasons? READ MORE...

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